Lock & Accessories

PT-2004W - CNEX Security Guard Checkpoint System

 Checkpoint system for security guard patrols route, computer interface unit included.

W31507 - CNEX 1 Channel Digital Controller

Single channel digital controller for AC 230V items. Used in conjunction with W31508. 

CN4HP-D20 - CNEX Video Intercom Door Phone (Black & White)

Similar function as the RL-3207 intercom door phone. Add on inbuilt camera on outdoor unit & black & white screen on phone, able to view and talks with visitor. 

PSC-901 Sunpro DC12V 3A Door Access Power Unit


W31506 - CNEX 2 Channel Digital Controller (NO)

 Able to control 2 digital IO port. Used in conjunction with W31508. DC 12V power input and 2 channel NO type output control.

RL-3207 - CNEX Intercom Door Phone with Unlock Button

 Enables audio intercom from phone to outdoor unit. Unlock button able to open the magnetic lock door. The phone design for either desk use or wall mount.

W31508 - CNEX Remote Controller

Remote control for digital controllers W31505, W31506 and W31507. 4 different channels to select. Special tuning enabled to change to multiple frequencies. 

W31505 - CNEX EM Lock Digital Controller with Timer (NC)

 Single channel digital controller for DV 12V items. Used in conjunction with W31508. NC type, comes with timer.

CU-R423 - GACS PS2 Track23 Magnetic Card Reader

 Manual swipe to read all the information on the magnetic card with PS2 output. This model will read magnetic card's track 2 & 3 only.