External Battery Pack

We specialize in the latest ultra high capacity external laptop battery pack, internal laptop battery, Portable DVD Player Battery pack, long life iPod battery, Cell Phones battery pack, Portable Satellite Radios, PDA's and most other portable devices.

All of our external batteries feature premium quality super high density lithium ion chemistry with an ultra portable and lightweight design. Our external batteries are engineered from professional cutting edge research and development efforts and GMP (good manufacturing practices) ensuring quality, safety and effectiveness in order to provide you with the maximum reliability, durability and run time.

Power Bank

New Li-Ion external battery pack to cover all range of notebook in the market to supply addition battery backup power. 4 difference type of output voltage in the range of 11V~15V, 15V~18V, 18.5V~21V and 19V~22V.

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External Battery

Laptop Main Battery: NiMH, 10.8 Volts, 4000 mAh, Hard plastic casing with 5 slit-type contacts on end. (Black)

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