Universal AC/DC Adaptor

Product Code: A02-24050S

CNEX A02-24050S LED Universal AC to DC Power Adapter has adjustable DC output with LED front panel digital display Voltage to prevent user missed adjusted the power Voltage.

A02-24050S AC to DC Adapter come with 8 most common connectors that can be applied to various major brands of Notebook, LCD Monitor and other devices.

Download: Manual


  • Input Voltage AC-100 ~ 240V can be used worldwide.
  • Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Over-Voltage Load Protection.
  • Short-circuit Protection.
  • Digital display of output voltage.
  • Adjustable output voltage.
  • High precision output, low eradiation, anti jamming.
  • LED digital display, intuitionist and convenient.
  • RoHS, save energy, power consumption on no – load < 0.5W
Output 16 volts, 18 volts, 19 volts, 20 volts, 22 volts or 24 volts, single output, user adjustable with LED Digital Display
Output Power 90 Watts Maximum
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Excellent efficiency 82% at half load
82% at full load
No load overhead 500mW 15 volt setting
1W 24 volt setting
How Many Amps are Too Many?

In a regulated power supply, such as these switch mode power supplies, amps don't matter as long as you have enough. Excess amperage is just held in reserve. An analogy is "doubling the size of your water heater won't make your shower pressure change."

Unregulated power supplies (such as wall-mount transformers) are different, since they are built to supply a specific voltage at specific amperage. If you draw less amperage the voltage will go up.

In conclusion, a higher current rating won't hurt your appliance as long it is a regulated power supply. For unregulated power supplies the specification should be close to the original.